Size Guide


Each Bandana will simply tie around your pets neck.

  • Extra Small- Length 47cm 
  • Small- Length 50cm
  • Medium - Length 57cm 
  • Large - Length 75cm 


Our Collars are designed to adjust to fit your pets’ neck.

  • Extra Small: Width 1cm, Length 10-20cm
  • Small: Width 1.5cm, Length 15-30cm
  • Wide Small: Width 2.5cm, Length 15-30cm
  • Medium: Width 2.5cm, Length 25- 40cm
  • Large: Width 2.5cm, Length 35-55cm
  • Wide Large: Width 3.2cm, Length 35-55cm
  • Extra Large: Width 3.2cm, Length 50-75cm


  • Cat Lead: Width 1.5cm, Length 1.2m
  • Short Lead: Width 2.5cm, Length 60cm
  • Standard Lead: Width 2.5cm, Length 1.2m
  • Double Handled Lead: Width 2.5cm, Length 1.8m
  • Headrest Restraint: Length adjustable up to 60cm
  • Seatbelt Restraint: Length adjustable up to 60cm


  • Small: Width  1cm, Length Snout 12-30cm, Upper Neck 15-38cm
  • Medium: Width 1.5cm, Length Snout 20-38cm, Upper Neck 15-50cm
  • Large: Width 1.5cm, Length Snout 25-43cm, Upper Neck 15-68cm


  • Cat: Width 1.5cm,Length Girth 26-40cm
  • Small: Width 2.5cm, Length Girth 35-55cm
  • Medium: Width 2.5cm, Length Girth 50-75cm
  • Large: Width 2.5cm, Length Girth 66-100cm
  • Wide Medium: Width 3.8cm, Length Girth 50-75cm
  • Wide Large: Width 3.8cm, Length Girth 66-100cm

If you're unsure about what size will suit your pet or require a custom size, please contact us.

Please note all measurements are done by hand so there might be a slight variation.