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The Story Of Our Wolf Pack

  • Bow Scrunchie

  • Cat Teaser Toy

  • Headrest Restraint

  • bandana and bow scrunchie

  • Blue Ombre Collar

Bow Scrunchie

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Cat Teaser Toy

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Headrest Restraint

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bandana and bow scrunchie

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Blue Ombre Collar

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So I’ve had three bandanas handmade by this lady and you can feel the love from every item she’s made. My furbaby loves her accessories, it even brings out her sassy side on many occasions!! And she’s definitely happy when she wears them. I highly recommend Sarah and the pack brand. Fabric quality is amazing and how it’s been made is just... Pure Talent! We love it!!Love, Annie xo(written by Annie’s human)

Emma G

Gorgeous pet accessories! I love seeing Tsar in his bandanas! Can't wait to see what new stuff comes out

Elle P